San Francisco Community Business Resources, Inc.’s (“SFCBR”) aim is to build sustainable communities in San Francisco, California by supporting local entrepreneurs and established small businesses primarily from San Francisco’s lowest income neighborhoods, including neighborhoods in Chinatown and the Tenderloin.  To do so, SFCBR provides comprehensive business consultation services and mentorship programs, as well as educational workshops to help such small businesses thrive in their communities in the hopes of revitalizing emerging neighborhoods.  SFCBR’s services are free of charge to any qualifying small business in the San Francisco area.

Individual business consultation and mentorship services from SFCBR are provided primarily to low income small business owners and entrepreneurs in San Francisco to help them achieve their financial and business objectives and obtain the tools and resources to gain stability and self-sufficiency in emerging communities.  By providing such services, SFCBR hopes to help San Francisco’s lowest income neighborhoods become more economically sustainable and developed.  SFCBR’s intent is to provide these services free of charge to those who cannot otherwise afford comprehensive business support services.  SFCBR offers consultation in the following areas, among others:

•    Business plan development (including topics such as identifying the business’s target clients, reaching new customers, differentiating a product from the competition, and identifying the amount and source of working capital);

•    Loans and financing (including topics such as financing a business and finding capital);

•    Marketing (including topics such as how to market a business and why it is important to do so);

•    Licenses and permits (including topics such as permits required for the business);

•    Business purchase or sale;

•    Accounting;

•    Management;

•    Budgeting; and

•    Understanding codes and regulations (including topics such as zoning restrictions and locations where a business may open).

Mentoring and consultation services are provided by SFCBR’s board of directors and volunteers, each of whom has experience in aspects of local business.

One of SFCBR’s goals is to make its services available to a wide array of small businesses owners and entrepreneurs in the areas encompassing Chinatown and the Tenderloin, where over forty languages are spoken.  To that end, SFCBR provides multilingual services through its board of directors and volunteers, some of whom speak three languages.

SFCBR selects small businesses in need of SFCBR’s mentorship and consultation services based on potential viability of a business and its ability to grow in an emerging community, historical returns of the business, if any, and background of the business owner in need of aid.  The business owner or entrepreneur must also be located in San Francisco, California.

SFCBR also conducts workshops in San Francisco, California on a variety of topics relevant to small businesses in low income communities. Such workshops include the following, among others:

•    Import and Export Business;

•    How to Apply for a Government Business Loan;

•    How to Obtain Your Contractor’s License;

•    How to Start Your Own Business

•    Flea Market and Street Vendors;

•    Codes and Regulations of Small Businesses;

•    How to Market Your Business;

•    Buy and Sell a Business; and

•    How to Buy and Sell on eBay.

These workshops are free of charge and are open to any low income small business owners and entrepreneurs in San Francisco.